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Dustin Busby

Dustin Busby

I love to work with the awesome, fresh ingredients we create at the Farm. I love ramps, and my favorite product we make with them is the pickled ramps. The versatility and unique pickled flavor really makes it fun to work with. Smoked Onion Jam is my go-to for making simple dishes complex. Add it to a burger, on top of roasted potatoes and asparagus, or simply enjoy it with a slice of salami, cheese and bread. I always have a supply in my pantry. Respecting the products we make is something that is very important to me. Being able to make a unique product like guanciale to make sure that no part of the animal is going to waste gives me great satisfaction. Try using it as a substitution for bacon to explore all the possibilities our guanciale has to offer. And who can forget our cheese? Chris Osborne outdid himself when he made Hawkins Haze. It is so creamy and shows how special sheep’s milk cheeses can be. The creamy texture with the subtle sweetness makes it a cheese that I can enjoy over and over again. Our Brebis is a simple cheese that is so versatile. My favorite thing to do is use it as a filling for some fresh pasta!

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